Research Group





PhD Students at MIT

Evan Fields


Previous degree: 2013 Computer Science and Mathematics (double major) BA, Pomona College
Research topic:
Large-scale data-driven simulation-based optimization


Jing Lu


Previous degree: 2014 Mathematics and Economics (double major) BA, New York University
Research topic:
Real-time simulation-based optimization


Timothy Tay


Previous degree: 2015 Physics BA, University of Cambridge
Research topic:
High-dimensional real-time simulation-based optimization


Chao Zhang

Previous degree: 2013 Civil Engineering MSc., University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Research topic:
Calibration of large-scale stochastic traffic simulators


Kevin Zhang


Previous degree: 2012 Mathematics and Statistics (double major) BSc, Yale University
Research topic: Data-driven simulation-based optimization


Tianli Zhou


Previous degree: 2013 Industrial Engineering BSc., Tsinghua University
Research topic:
Vehicle-sharing network design


Former group members

Linsen Chong

PhD Transportation 2011-2017
Thesis: Computationally Efficient Simulation-based Optimization Algorithms for Large-scale Urban Transportation Problems
Last known affiliation: OR Scientist at Cruise Automation

Nate Bailey

MSc. Transportation, 2014-2016, co-advised with Prof. Antonio Antunes (Uni. of Coimbra)
Thesis: Simulation and Queueing Network Model Formulation of Mixed Automated and Non-automated Traffic in Urban Settings
Last known affiliation: PhD at MIT

Krishna Kumar Selvam

MSc. Transportation, 2012-2014
Thesis: Multi-Model Simulation-Based Optimization applied to Urban Transportation
Last known affiliation: Data Scientist at Lyft

Xiao Chen

PhD Transportation 2010-2014, Uni. of Coimbra, MIT Portugal Program (co-advised with Prof. Bruno Santos, TU Delft)
Thesis: Traffic Signal Control in Congested Urban Networks: Simulation-based Optimization Approach
Last known affiliation: Assistant Professor at the School of Highway, Chang'an University, China

Kanchana Nanduri

MSc. Transportation, 2011-2013
Thesis: Mitigating Emissions and Energy Consumption for Urban Transportation Networks: Simulation-Based Signal Control Strategies
Last known affiliation: Program Manager of Transportation Volume Planning at Amazon

Carter Wang

MSc. Transportation, 2011-2013
Thesis: Urban Transportation Networks: Analytical Modeling of Spatial Dependencies and Calibration Techniques for Stochastic Traffic Simulators
Last known affiliation: Data Scientist at Citi Bike

Jana Yamani

MSc. Computation for Design and Optimization, 2011-2013
Thesis: Approximation of the Transient Joint Queue-Length Distribution in Tandem Markovian Networks
Last known affiliation: Associate at McKinsey & Company

Hoda Bidkhori

Post-Doc, Dec. 2011-Aug. 2013
Last known affiliation: Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh