Operations Research for

Urban Transportation


We develop techniques to create, enable, and support the disruptive technologies that will shape the mobility systems of the future.

Our techniques enable high‐resolution models and data, obtained at the scale of individual travelers and vehicles, to be used to optimize the performance of mobility systems at the scale of entire cities and metropolitan areas.


We have worked in collaboration with major public and private stakeholders including the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT), the San Diego Planning Agency (SANDAG), Ford Motor Company, Zipcar, Accenture and IBM, studying and optimizing mobility for a variety of metropolitan areas including Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Lausanne, NYC, San Diego, San Francisco, Singapore, and Toronto.

Recent projects have addressed topics such as car-sharing, congestion pricing, traffic management and model calibration. Our techniques combine ideas from various areas including probability theory, simulation, simulation-based optimization, derivative-free optimization, nonlinear optimization, statistics, traffic control and traffic flow theory.

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Carolina Osorio
Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Operations Research Center

Office 1-232
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA, 02139

+ 1-617-452-3063
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